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The Smartest Dog Breeds

The dogs are always best friends but some are more lovable and caring with no doubt. Here we are not opposing or hating any dog breeds whether they are pedigree dogs or stray dogs.

When it comes to intelligence, certain dog breeds stand out from the pack. They may not beat you really in ludo, chess, or can not file your tax but they are very easy to train and more anxious towards you.

It has been a dream of everyone to have a dog and teach some crazy tricks or just want an obedient family member who does not chew the furniture, does not tear any clothes, or does not jump on strangers...

How can we categorize them as "smart"?

Smartness can be categorized in dogs based on how many repetitions of a command it takes them to figure out what you want them to do, and how often they follow the command the first or second time you say it.

So if you are teaching them a trick or agile training, or anything that involves their memory, some breeds have been consistently shown to do those things faster and more consistently than others.

Some are social and emotionally dependent on people, so they are easier to train and far more receptive to our vision of what they should do.

There is no official way to measure their intelligence nut it can be always calculated compared to other dog breeds.

Without any further discussion let us go through the smartest dog breeds.

Border Collie
Border Collie

The Border Collie is ranked as the most intelligent dog breed by canine experts based on their work ethic and herding abilities.

These brilliant herding dogs have been keeping flocks of sheep safe throughout Scotland and Wales for centuries, and shepherds often refer to them as "the perfect shepherding dog."

These herders took the top spot in Stanley Coren's intelligence rankings, meaning most can learn a new command in under five repetitions and follow it at least 95% of the time.

The highly trainable and intelligent, Border Collies also excel in various canine sports, including obedience, flyball, agility, tracking, and flying disc competitions.


Don't let their pretty pompons fool you. They are undoubtedly intelligent. They are also great hunters and effective water dogs, and their love of ducks and other water animals is just beyond words.

Nowadays you can adopt cockapoos, whoodles and goldendoodles but breeders love regular poodles for more than just their hypoallergenic qualities.

Underneath all those curls, the standard poodle sports a strong, slender body that makes him a great swimmer and excellent at retrieving.

German Shepherd
German Shepherd

Really, this breed requires introduction? I don't think so. They are the greatest combination of size, athleticism, and intelligence in the entire dog kingdom.

German Shepherds happily serve as police dogs, seeing-eye dogs, medical assistance dogs, and therapy dogs, so it's no surprise that consistent obedience comes standard with this breed.

They learn and retain new skills with alarming speed and consistency, and they have the physical gifts to accomplish truly astonishing feat

This dog breed is exceptionally brilliant and would do anything to please its master.

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

Despite being the most beloved pet breed they fall just behind the German Shepherd in intelligence too.

But in addition to being some of the friendliest dogs alive, they are also among the smartest. This has helped make them excellent choices for service and therapy dogs, as well as working as search and rescue dogs, hunting dogs, and champion field and obedience competition animals as well.

Golden Retrievers are wholly devoted and eager to please their humans. Plus, they are not as headstrong as the Border Collie or the German Shepherd. This can make them easier to train for first-time dog owners despite being ranked slightly lower in intelligence.

Doberman Pinscher
Doberman Pinscher

They might be best known for their protection duties. But under their formidable appearance and larger-than-life ears lies an intelligent brain.

These fearless protectors can hold their own, and hang with kids.

With the Doberman, you might find that they are headstrong dogs who might attempt to take over the family household. So although they are intelligent, in inexperienced dog training hands, they might be too much to handle.

Shetland Sheepdog
Shetland Sheepdog

Smaller than collies, these adorable fluffballs hold their own in herding, agility, and obedience trials.

Much like their collie relatives, the Shetland sheepdog is a remarkably intelligent breed as a matter of necessity. As herders, they were required to keep track of a large number of wandering animals for long periods, often without supervision.

They are versatile workers who are also used as medical alert, therapy, and service dogs.

They are super affectionate and love to spend time with their family, making them fantastic family pets for active families.

Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever

The most popular breed that is gregarious, hard-working hunting dogs are no slouches when it comes to brains, either.

Labs love to please, whether it's as guide dogs, narcotic detection dogs, or just everyday family pets.

They are easily motivated by praise, toys, and food, so be sure to use all of these in your training schedule.


The first toy breed to crack the top 10, papillons aren't your average lap dogs. The 5-pound wonders often take home top prizes at competitive agility trials, according to the American Kennel Club.

Looks and brains! These adorable little dogs have long been a favorite among royalty and aristocracy thanks to their regal appearance and charming personalities. But inside those tiny, plumed heads is the first-rate mind! Papillons delight in learning tricks and performing for people.

Papillons are not typical lap dogs. Instead, they’d rather spend the day playing and learning new tricks to perform in front of their family. They love to make their people laugh and smile, usually meaning that they pick up commands quickly.


Perhaps one of the more surprising entries on this list, the Rottweiler has been popular protection and guard dog for decades, but perhaps without the same reputation for the intellect as the German shepherd..

For thousands of years, Rottweilers and their ancestors have been working dogs. Meaning that their relationship with humans is a close-knit one, and they are eager to please their masters.

But make no mistake, these guys are as quick on the pickup as anyone. Do not underestimate his ability to learn a few crazy tricks!

Be warned, though, they are also stubborn creatures, and novice dog owners might find them challenging to train.

Australian Cattle Dog
Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dogs look after flocks for days on end, without much supervision, in extreme weather conditions.

Some of the finest herding dogs you are apt to find, Australian cattle dogs are a highly intelligent breed, capable of following herds for great distances and keeping their flocks in line for days at a time without supervision.

Keep in mind that, even though they adapt well to city life, the Australian cattle dog is always going to be happiest with a job to do, so consider agility, herding, or flyball competitions to keep him happy and engaged!

Australian Cattle Dogs are an independent breed and might see themselves as the top dog, so they need an experienced dog owner. But in return, they offer obedience, loyalty, and fun canine addition for active families.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgis know how to work hard and play hard, meaning they are obedient and have lots of fun. This is why many families invite them into their homes.

The Corgi, specifically the Pembroke Corgi, is prized for their working dog intelligence.

One of the most popular cattle-herding dogs in the world, the diminutive Pembroke Welsh corgi shoves a big brain into that little fuzzy body.

Like the other herding dogs on this list, the Pembroke is smart enough to learn a routine, understand which things are "his," and be left to his own devices for long periods.

Cute and clever Corgis are a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II for hundreds of reasons.

Miniature Schnauzer
Miniature Schnauzer

The Mini Schnauzer is a ratting dog with a farming background. They are the smallest of the three Schnauzer sizes, but many think they have the biggest personality.

He is an adaptable, friendly, quick-learning companion who is highly trainable and able to handle a variety of tasks. These dogs love to hunt and are long-time favorites on the agility course, where their keen observation skills and pattern recognition comes in especially handy!

They are disciplined with their daily routine and like you to be too, which is one of the many reasons why fanciers adore them. Like many on this list, they have a stubborn streak that can translate to training challenges.

English Springer Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel

English springer spaniels make some of the most hardworking hunters you will find. They have been bred specifically for working with humans in the field, so they take especially well to learning tasks required for flushing ("springing") game birds, as well as retrieving games.

They have a superior understanding of nonverbal commands such as pointing and whistling when taking direction during a hunt, making them clever cookies for sure.

They pick up household training quickly and other commands that most other breeds couldn't. So, whether it's a springing hunter or sofa snuggler you're after, this pooch ticks both boxes.

As a summary of conclusion

Most of the dog breeds on this list come from working backgrounds. Not only do they have intelligent genetics, but they have also worked alongside humans for centuries, giving them an innate eagerness to learn from and please their masters.

Suppose you are new to the world of doggy ownership. In that case, you might want to stick to intelligent, non-stubborn dogs like the Golden or Labrador Retriever. But if you are experienced and ready for a challenge, the world of smart dogs is your oyster

But just because a dog breed is intelligent does not automatically make them the best pet for you and your lifestyle. A smart dog can easily run rings around someone who does not know how to train a dog.

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